How do I charge Flitt?

    1. Unfold the Flitt arms.
      Prop arm extending from pocket in Flitt
    2. Unlock the battery tabs.
      Battery lock tabs on the bottom of Flitt
    3. Grip the battery from the sides and push out.
      hand gripping battery
    4. Plug the charger into any standard USB power source.
      Flitt charger plugged into AC wall outlet
      • The LED will be solid while charging.
      • The LED will flash when finished.
      • Always disconnect when finished.
    5. To install, line up the battery with the two pins inside. Push firmly in place.
      Pushing battery into Flitt
    6. Lock the tabs.
      Battery lock tabs on the bottom of Flitt

    Note: If you leave Flitt on, the battery's safety circuit will automatically turn it off. You may not be able to charge the battery immediately after this shutdown. If the charger LED does not turn on right away, don't worry — this is normal. Within an hour, the battery's safety circuit will reset and allow charging. To reset it manually, unplug and reconnect the charger's power cord while the battery is in the charger.

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