Start-Up Slide Show

This slide show is also availabe under Settings / Help in your Flitt app.

Flight Training

Get ready to Fly!


Extend the arms.
The arms fold up and are stored inside pockets on the sides of Flitt.
Open completely.
You will here a click when the arms are fully extended.

Attach the Propeller Guards

Slide a prop guard onto each arm.
Slide the prop guard over the end of the prop arm until it clicks into place.
Attach A guards to A arms and B guards to B arms.
The prop, prop guard and prop arms are each marked with A or B

Turn On

Push power button and hold until red light appears.
The red light shines next to the power button


In your mobile device Wi-Fi Settings connect to Flitt_******.
The password is: 12345678.
You can do this now.
Your phone's network connection screen should indicate Wi-Fi is on and list your Flitt's network id

Get Ready to Fly

Place Flitt on the ground with the camera facing you.
the camers should be pointing towards you


Tap and hold the Lock to unlock the Take Off button. Confirm the camera direction and push okay.
The lock icon is located near the bottom of the screen just above the Take Off button.

Take Off

Tap Take Off. Flitt will rise and hover.
The Take Off button is located at the bottom center of the screen.  It is green when unlocked and ready to fly.

Altitude Adjustment

Move Slider to change altitude.
Altitude slider slides up and down and moves Flitt up and down.

Control Flight Direction

Move the control for the direction you want to travel.
Flight Direction control is a circle with arrows.  It directs Flitt to the left, right, away from you and towards you.

Frame Your Subject

Swipe the screen to move the subject into view.
The area of the screen between the altitude adjustment and flight direction control is used to turn the camera and bring the subject into view.

Take a Picture

Use camera or video controls to capture your image.
Tap the camera icon to take a photo.  Tap the red/white circle to start video recording.

Photo Tip

Selfie quality is best within 10 feet (3 M).


Tap to land.
The land button appears after take-off in the bottom center of the screen.


Tap to land quickly anywhere!

Tap and "hold" to shut down motors immediately.

The red emergency button appear at the top center of the screen.

Have a Safe Flight!

For more info or to view this slide show again, go to the Settings/Help menu.